Must-read Books for the summer of 2015 – Part II

Must-read Books for the summer of 2015 – Part II

Must-read Books for the summer of 2015 – Part II

Must-read Books for the summer of 2015 – Part II | Patrick Davidson

Bold Peter Diamandis| must-read book betterday Martijn Veldkamp De Verborgen Motor| must-read book betterdayWhen Digital Becomes Human Steven van Belleghem | must-read book betterdayGoogle Work Rules Toekomst van Werk Laszlo Bock | must-read book betterdayChange the Script - Theo Hendriks | must-read book betterday

Here’s part II of my list of must-read books for this summer. In the first part I briefly described some of my favourite books of the past few months.  The criteria? They inspire me and they deserve to be read by you, even on your holiday. Or especially on your holiday, a good moment to reflect on what you’re doing….

The books on my list all have in common that a new way of working, of collaborating, of running a business is required. And there’s no escape. In each of the books the need for purpose is evident. Should you think that purpose is not your cup of tea, then just learn to drink and appreciate tea. On the long run no organisation without a clear and inspiring purpose will be successful. Just read for yourself…

Now here’s Part II featuring the books I will read myself this summer.

5 Books I will read this summer
  1. Bold – Peter Diamandis

  2. De Verborgen Motor  | Martijn Veltkamp

  3. Work Rules (Toekomst van Werk) | Laszlo Bock (Google)

  4. When Digital Becomes Human | Stefan van Bellegem

  5. Change the Script | Theo Hendrikx

Looking forward to read Bold by Peter Diamandis. Diamandis, an inspiring thinker, author and entrepreneur. My expectation is that Bold continues where Exponential Organizations ended. I guess it will provide some insights that I was missing in Exponential Organizations. That’s about leadership on a day-to-days basis, what we call behavior…

A Dutch book (De Verborgen Motor | Martijn Veltkamp) about the psychology of cyclists is on the list too. Looking forward to gain some new insights.

Up next is Work Rules (in Dutch: Toekomst van Werk) by Laszlo Bock (Google).

Finally there are two books on my desk for almost a year now. They deserve to be read, finally: When Digital Becomes Human | Stefan van Bellegem and Change the Script | Theo Hendrikx.

At the end of summer I while share my impressions, of course. Enjoy the summer, enjoy the reading.

Must-read Books for the summer of 2015 | Here’s the link to Part I of my Must-Read list

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